Happy customers.

"We are so thrilled to have Cyrille Boinay as our Horizon 2020 business coach. It has been an amazing experience to explore the Swiss market together with him. If you need a good business coach he is the man"
Rune Bjerkestrand, CEO Piql AS

"We are beyond grateful for the support and guidance of expert coaches provided by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency during the initial start-up coaching. We can't wait to continue with the next stage of core coaching, and hit our target milestones for the next years! Special thanks to our lead coach, Cyrille Boinay."

Daniel Dinizo, CEO NaturLoop

"It's a great pleasure to work with Cyrille - he is extremely knowledgeable coach and communicator. He helped me and my colleagues on topics ranging from product development to sales and marketing. Cyrille is supportive and customer focused - he dissects the issues to the core and helps to address them. "

Monika Povilenaite , COO Nomoko

"Cyrille coached us as part of the EIC Accelerator. He is a great and fun guy to work with. He went beyond coaching and opened many doors for us in Switzerland we wouldn't even have known where there to knock on. Online coaching during Covid19-times went great with Cyrille. "

Stian Aldrin, CEO Minuendo